Photo of the week: Memory


Does anyone recognize what kind of flower this is? In the middle of the flower are about a dozen spots of pollen on a dark purple center. The photo was taken in January in a backyard in Los Angeles. First person to identify them gets a free 3.8 MP version of the photo! Update: I have been informed that this is in fact a Cape daisy. Thanks, person who doesn’t want me to tell everyone who you are!

Taken with my Fuji FinePix S5200 at 1/1000s, f/4.0, ISO: 100, 389mm with +1 diopter HOYA macro add-on lens, overhead sunlight flash used.

Copyright © Ariel Lepor. Just contact me if you want to buy the photo as a print or a gift or a digital copy or something!

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  1. Linda says:

    A fantastic capture, strong and sharp color and great work with the depht. Like the contrast between background and flower.

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